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Dalits, people born into to the lowest tier of India's discriminative caste system are to this day labeled as “Untouchable”— someone too impure to be touched.



In the world of sports,  being untouchable is an honor reserved only the very best.



The stigma of untouchability can only be eliminated when a society collectively embraces the virtues of being untouchable.



VERIFIED UNTOUCHABLE—an online verification badge that combines Nike's iconic swoosh with the iconic blue shade of the Dalit Movement to give millions of Indians the chance to identify themselves as Untouchable.


Partnership with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to swap their verification badges with ours

HOW IT'S EARNED — To be untouchable you have to train like an untouchable.

Dalit's aren't allowed to wear footwear in several parts of India. Thus, in order to make other Indians step into their shoes, Nike challenged Indians to train barefoot and upload their training videos with "#IAmUntouchable" on the platform they wished to be verified on.


Print ads and social media posts featuring prominent Dalit athletes and their journey to becoming Untouchable

Leveraging partnerships with popular Nike India athletes to spread the word by getting them to earn verification badges of their own.

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