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Tinder wants to alter its image from a "hook-up" app to an app that connects people



People living in neighboring border towns of USA and Mexico match with each other on Tinder every day 



Every cross-border match has the potential to "hook-up" dialogue, and build connections between two neighbors


#ForeignAffairs — connecting Americans and Mexicans by unleashing the power of "Swipelomacy"

Campaign Launch

OOH ads will be used to launch the campaign in the border towns of Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego (USA). 

In-app Activation

The Tinder App will be the hub for this campaign. Tinder's in-app passport feature will function as a zone for users from border towns to discover each other. 

Billboard Activation

Digital Billboards featuring a virtual wall will be set up at strategic locations in Tijuana and San Diego. Every match between American and Mexican users makes the wall shrink.

Once the virtual wall has been eliminated, Tinder will "Open Up the Borders" by making its passport feature completely free for all its American and Mexican users swiping in Mexico and the US respectively.


This will enable even those users who don't live in border towns to connect with their neighboring counterparts and partake in #ForeignAffairs

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