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Introduce FIFA 19’s new “No Rules” feature and get users to experience it for themselves by downloading the free FIFA 19 demo.


The anguish and humiliation that comes with a loss against a rival leaves soccer fans hungry for revenge.



REVENGE MODE—customized demos that leverage the results of real soccer games to give revenge-hungry fans a taste of FIFA 19’s “No Rules” feature.

The Game after the Game:


As soon as a match between rival teams ends, we direct aggrieved fans to the REVENGE MODE website.


Customized REVENGE MODE Demo:


The website features a customized FIFA 19 Demo featuring the teams that just played. 


"No Rules" Gameplay:

 The demo is preset to FIFA 19's"No Rules" setting > No Fouls | No Bookings | No Biased refereeing decisions.


In-demo Purchase Options:

Once users have exacted their revenge, they're given the chance to purchase the full game at a special price determined by the margin of their team's loss (If their team lost by a 1 goal margin > they get 10% off, 2 goal margin > 20% off and so on)

Buying Option.png

OOH + Social Media Promotion:


Real-time ads featuring pivotal moments from the game are placed in and around game day venues such as stadiums and bars. The OOH ads are also adapted into social ads on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 4.09.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 4.08.51 PM.png

Club Legends x Twitch:


Since no one gets a fan's frustration quite like ex-players, we partner up with club legends and live stream their game on Twitch.


Fan Channels Partnership:


Soccer fan channels are known for their raw and unfiltered reactions to their team's performance. Thus, we partner up with them to enable them to vent their frustrations on REVENGE MODE. 

Fan Channels.jpg

Automated Match Reports:


Partnering up with to publish automated match reports of REVENGE MODE games by sourcing highlights and stats collected from every match. 


CW — Rohan Grover

AD — Christian Baron

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