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People are more conscious than ever about eating healthy, local, and sustainable. Kroger’s local sourcing enables it to provide the freshest produce possible but not many people know about it. So, we used Instagram Stories to tell the story of each avocado, papaya, cucumber, and other locally sourced Kroger produce items.

In-store Signages:

We created in-store signages that use Instagram's "Nametag" feature to direct our customers to follow the farm to table journey of a particular produce item.



The signages lead our customers to individual Instagram profiles of Kroger's most popular produce items.

The profile directs users to check out its story to follow the item's farm to table journey.


The Story:


Farm to Store Journey:

The profile's story takes users on a step by step journey of an item's farm to store story—giving them a transparent insight into the item's origins and the processes involved in getting that item to them. 

Where the item comes from


The sorting process


How it got to the store


When it was shelved

Using UGC to add to the story:

Users will be encouraged to take the item's story forward by sharing posts showing how they used it. The best submissions will be added to the profile's story, and thus complete the farm to store to table journey of that item.


Influencer Partnerships:


CW + AD — Rohan Grover

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