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THE UNTOUCHABLES - Nike India *(Still in the works)


Observation: Even though we're in 2017, the centuries-old caste system is still very much rampant in India. "Dalits", who are the people belonging to the lowest tier of this caste system are to this date fighting against the stigma of untouchability - a discriminative custom that ostracises the Dalits by segregating them from the mainstream Indian society


Insight: In the Indian society, "Achut" is a term commonly used to chastise the Dalits and further glorify the practice of untouchability. However, the literal translation of this term in English is "Untouchable". And, in the world of sports, the term "Untouchable" has a different connotation altogether.


Idea: Nike, a brand known world over for its tradition of challenging the norms, takes on yet another challenge - The challenge of catapulting the Dalits in society by providing them with the springboard of sports. In order to do this, Nike India launches "The Untouchables" a new series of sporting apparel. A hefty chunk of all profits earned from the sale of this merchandise goes into setting up premium sporting facilities for the Dalit community and providing them with the necessary coaching and sponsorship deals to help them overcome the stigma of untouchability by truly becoming UNTOUCHABLE.

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