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Tinder’s radius algorithm doesn’t account for international borders. Thus, users living in the border towns of USA and Mexico like each other on Tinder every day. 



As a company that believes in bringing people together, Tinder is naturally against things that keep them apart. So, we unleash the power of swipelomacy by turning every cross-border Tinder match into a symbol of protest against the wall.

Real-time Digital Billboard Activation:


Digital billboards featuring a virtual wall are set up in the border towns of San Diego (USA) and Tijuana (Mexico) 

Each cross-border Tinder match between users in USA and Mexico makes this wall shrink 

Once there are enough matches to completely eliminate the wall, Tinder makes its Passport* feature free for users across USA and Mexico to swipe anywhere in Mexico and USA respectively.

*Passport is a paid feature on Tinder that lets users change their location to swipe in an alternate location of their choice 

Live In-app Feed:


Cross-border Dates:


Select users who matched with someone across the border will be invited to meet their match at the world's first cross-border dating event. The event will be organized along the border fence of the San Diego-Tijuana border.

In-app Promotion:

Leveraging Tinder's in-app reach to get more users across USA and Mexico to part-take in #ForeignAffairs

CW + AD — Rohan Grover

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