At one point in my school life, I was convinced I’d be a great stand-up comedian. 

It all started when my classmates claimed to have found in me a funny side that I didn’t know existed.


Now, I was never one of the cool ones. I couldn’t play the guitar, never successfully auditioned for a musical, and was great at sucking at sports. So when I finally found something to cling to, I clung like never before. 


I was Mr. Funnyman. I made people laugh on my bad days, LOL on my good days and ROFLMAO on my best ones. But for all my jokes, I didn’t have the audacity it takes to go up on stage. So, I stopped clinging. 


Now, you might be feeling sorry for me. But don’t. Because even though I couldn’t take that stage, I went on to find a stage I love—Advertising. 

A stage where aside from being a joke-teller, I could also be story-teller. 

A stage where my odd perspectives were oddly well received. 

And finally, a stage where I could talk to an audience without being in the spotlight.


So what about Mr. Funnyman? Oh, he’s still here. Just, now he's slightly more focused on cracking briefs than he is on cracking jokes.




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