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Nutella: Grade Jars

When you think "first day of school,"​ you can't help but picture a kid standing on the front porch, smiling ear to ear while holding a cute sign for their first day of school photo. So when we were asked to make Nutella a back-to-school essential, we came up with a simple packaging solution that put Nutella at the center of every first day of school photo. Presenting Nutella Grade Jars: Limited-edition Nutella jars with grades printed on them to help parents ace fist-day-of-school pics and first-day-of-school breakfast with just one jar. 


Grade Jar goes digital:

Within a week of its launch, the jars sold out at supermarkets across the US. Prompting Nutella to create a microsite where parents could print grade labels of their choice to create their own grade jars. 

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